Dr. Howard Marans: Arthroscopic Surgeon at Your Service

Anyone who has had an injured knee, or any joint for that matter, realizes the importance of having normally-functioning skeletal system. Just the simple but often-taken-for-granted ability to walk without experiencing knee or ankle pains can be an elusive privilege for many who have severe orthopedic conditions that require surgery. Thanks to medical technological advancement, people who have these conditions can resort to arthroscopic surgery which Dr. Howard Marans routinely undertakes at his clinic.


Arthroscopic surgery simply involves the use of a tiny camera called an “arthroscope” to allow the surgeon to see inside a joint. Thus, the camera enables Dr. Marans to conduct accurate diagnosis of any orthopedic condition and provide the proper treatment of various joint problems. In contrast to open surgery, arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive process which is why it is much more preferable than open surgery.


Some of the advantages of arthroscopic surgery include the absence of large incisions, thereby allowing the patient to recover fast even without having to stay in a hospital after the operation. As such, bleeding and infection are also minimized with this kind of procedure. Recovery time is also shorter as a result of the minimal invasive nature of the procedure.


Arthroscopic surgery is used often in injuries involving such joints as the shoulders, knees, hip, wrist and spine, although it can be used for any joint of the body. Ligament tears and damaged cartilage on the knee can be repaired using this procedure. Dislocated or impinged shoulders, including rotator cuff tears can also be healed through this means.


This procedure is frequently used on larger joints to treat certain conditions. Dysplasia of the hips and other conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome of the wrist and herniated discs and other spine conditions are routine procedures done through arthroscopic surgery.


Sticks and stones may break our bones; but the handy camera — of course, in the presence of an experienced doctor such as Dr. Howard Marans – can undo whatever injury they may cause. Bones may not need a selfie; but a happy and healed patient deserves one after a successful surgery.


3 Treatment Options for Wrist and Hand Arthritis by Howard Marans MD

Arthritis Treatment Options

hand-surgery-caIn general terms, arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. The daily occurrence is not uncommon. In the United Sates, millions of people handle the daily symptoms of arthritis in a variety of ways. When arthritis affects hands and wrists, normal activities may become painful and difficult to perform. Depending on the degree of degenerations, numerous arthritis treatment options are available to help relieve the symptoms.


  1. Pain Management

When joints are inflamed or stiff due to arthritis, pain management may be the first focus in the various arthritis treatment options.


– Anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving drugs may be used either by a prescription or over the counter.

– Corticosteroid injections to help reduce and control inflammation which will allow for more flexibility within the joints. The steroid injections will be inserted into the wrist areas.

– Anti-rheumatic medication or analgesic to help reduce symptoms and modify the disease.

– Bracing and immobilization to help protect the wrist area by limiting movement. The limitation will help reduce the pain while performing daily activities.


  1. Exercise and Health

Exercising is another important factor in combating the effects of arthritis.


– Maintain a healthy weight. Even a few extra pounds can increase the pressure on any joints. Discuss the ideal weight with the primary health care professional.

– Physical therapy may be prescribed as part of the arthritis treatment options to help gain flexibility in the joints.

– Daily exercise to help restore or improve range of motion in the wrist area while strengthening the muscles in the arm.

– Get enough rest each night or consider taking a daily nap to help combat fatigue. The symptoms of arthritis may leave a person feeling extra tired. Without proper rest, the symptoms may increase creating more problems.


  1. Surgery

When non-surgical methods have been exhausted or the degree of degeneration is too severe, surgery is the next step in the treatment process. Surgical arthritis treatment options usually fall into one of three categories.


– The removal of the arthritic bone also known as a proximal row corpectomy. The procedure will help combat the painful symptoms of the disease.

– Fusing the arthritic bones together in order to make one solid bone. The procedure may be a partial fusion method which will still allow for minimal movement and reducing pain. If the degree of degeneration is extensive, a full fusion of the bones is utilized. The full fusion eliminates painful symptoms by removing all wrist motion.

– Complete joint replacement may be used as a treatment method. A prosthetic joint will help a person recover range of movement within the wrist.


Before considering any arthritis treatment options, an accurate diagnosis should be obtained from a leading orthopedic doctor. Dr. Howard Marans understands all the symptoms affecting an arthritis sufferer. With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Marans strives to get each patient back to normal, daily activities free from painful symptoms.


Treatment Options For Arthritis

Working with various insurance companies, including PPO, Dr. Marans, and his friendly staff will help each person receive the highest level of care. Striving for an optimal outcome with each patient without creating an overwhelming financial burden. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.

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What Does Tennis Elbow Treatment Usually Cost by Howard Marans MD

Tennis Elbow Treatment Cost

Tennis elbow is a medical condition creating pain and soreness around the outer part of the elbow. Repetitive motion is generally the cause of the damage to the tendons which attach the forearm and elbow muscles. Tennis elbow treatment cost will vary with each individual. From the type of treatment to the degree of damage, numerous factors need to be considered.


Non-Surgical Approach

The biggest factor to consider when estimating tennis elbow treatment cost is the type and coverage amount of the primary health care provider. Health insurance coverage is different with each individual patient. Depending on the type of coverage, co-pays and deductibles, health insurance will lower the amount of out of pocket costs for both surgical and non-surgical treatment methods.


Under most circumstances, using non-surgical methods is less expensive with a faster recovery rate. The non-surgical treatment approach has a high success rate with a majority of tennis elbow sufferers.


– Rest of the injured area is the least expensive way to help combat the symptoms of tennis elbow. By reducing activities or participating in sports, the elbow will have a chance to heal.

– Applying ice packs to the elbow to help reduce swelling and pain may be done at minimal costs.

– Another form of low-end tennis elbow treatment cost is the use of pain relievers. Pain medication may be purchased over the counter or by a prescription to help reduce symptoms associated with tennis elbow.

– Brace or other support aids are a lower tennis elbow treatment cost. In some cases, the cost is under $25.

– Cortisone injections to help reduce swelling and elevate pain are an effective method to treating tennis elbow with the minimum cost involved.

– Physical therapy is one of the higher non-surgical treatment cost for tennis elbow. Each session may run an uninsured patient over a $100. When four or five weeks of sessions are ordered, this form of tennis elbow treatment cost can add up quickly. The benefits often outweigh the costs by helping a patient reduce the painful symptoms and help restore range of movement.


Surgical Approach

When non-surgical methods fail to yield the desired results, surgery may be the next step in the treatment process. Depending on the type of health insurance coverage, surgery the tennis elbow treatment cost may be in thousands of dollars. Arthroscopy and open surgery are usually the two methods used to fix issues associated with tennis elbow. With most patients, the surgery for tennis elbow involves one of the following:


– The removal of inflamed tissue away from the tendon

– Providing a release for the tendon through an incision

– Repairing the tear in the tendons


Treatment Cost Tennis Elbow

The surgical method used to correct the medical issue depends on the degree of injury. When arthroscopy is used, the total cost may be lower than with traditional open surgery. If the surgery option requires the use of an anesthesiologist, the tennis elbow treatment cost will increase and an overnight stay in the hospital may need to be factored into the final expense.


The best way to determine tennis elbow treatment cost is to begin with an accurate diagnosis. Dr. Howard Marans will give a patient a complete explanation of the all available treatments with desired expectations for each approach. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.